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Select one curry, one rice, one salad + one sides and get your meal in Euro 9

De Masala Box Curries

Chicken Tikka Masala
Roasted MASALA chicken in rich creamy curry
Chicken balls in curry
Spicy chicken balls with herbs in gravy
Shrimps in cocunut curry
Shrimps cooked in coconut curry with fresh curry leaves
Chicken curry
Chicken curry
Veg curry of the day
Special veg curry of the day

De Masala Box Rice

De Masala rice
Long grain basmati rice cooked in authentic & aromatic spices
Vegetable rice
Long grain Basmati rice cooked with finely chopped vegetables & spices
Boiled rice
Basmati rice & salt
Tomato rice
Basmati rice tampered with tomatoes & authentic Indian spices.
Cumin rice
Basmati rice with cumin seeds

De Masala Box Salads

Chick Pea Salad
High in Dietary fiber, protein magnesium & VB6, VC, Calcium.
Green Lentil Salad
Rich in Protein, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron & Fiber
Apple Celeric & Mustard
Green apple, celery, rich in VC, VB-6.
Wok Vegetables
Mix of vegetables tossed with Indian spices & herbs.
Green Salad
Mix of green veg & lettuce
Mix Salad
Choose 3 from Chickpea, Wok & Lentil.

De Masala Box Sides

Quantity 2
Quantity 1
Still Water
Quantity 1
Quantity 1
Vegan Bar
Quantity 1

Chicken Kabab, Potato tikki, Lamb kabab, Tandoori chicken(3 pcs), Pepper chicken (3pcs)

1.50 pc

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