Our Mission to ensure that people have the authentic Indian meal enriched with Indian spices.

How we do that?

By providing you with a variety of different authentic Fusion Indian dishes

But why food?

Let's dive in to see how and why De Masala Box opened.

De Masala Box is a food joint which serves fusion Indian authentic food. It is being run by an Indian couple - Mr & Mrs. Rathore. Mr. Jeetendra Rathore moved to Belgium (Brussels) from India in 2015. Since 2016 they're running this joint which is one of the only places in Brussels which serves Indian authentic food.

Journey from India to Belgium

Mr. Jitendra Rathore moved from India to Belgium (Brussels) to start a life with his beloved wife Ms. Meenu. Initially things were very sweet. Mr. & Mrs. Rathore were enjoying their time in Belgium but eventually they came across with an idea.

An Idea over Tea

On an evening, sipping MASALA tea, Mr. Jitendra's wife, Meenu (who loves to cook) came up with an idea of opening an Authentic Indian food joint in Brussels.

& here we are...

De Masala Box. It serves you with mouth watering food with Indian spices.